Saturday, June 12, 2010

Walking, Swimming, and Biking!

We have been staying very active this summer. Our little cutie is a walker!!! She is definitely walking more than crawling these days. It just seems like she is always wandering around the room and in and out of doorways, going from one place to the next on those little legs. It is the cutest thing. She loves to move her arms around as she goes - hitting her chest, clapping her hands, pumping her arms, all while she is talking away in her little language. We do know she has at least a 6 word vocabulary...Dada, Momma, Hi, Bye Bye, and her own version of Maya and Bubbles. She LOVES to say hi and bye bye as she does her little hand wave. The other day we were driving by a huge Paul Bunyan statue and Hannah was trying to say hi to him as well as the man on a motorcycle beside us!! She is hilarious. Speaking of hilarious, how can you not smile when you see her cute belly in the pic below!

Looking at her own shadow!
We spent some time at Nate's parents' lake cottage over Memorial Day Weekend. Hannah had a great time on the boat ride ( she actually fell asleep) and swimming with Papa Jack. As you can see from her shriveled feet below, she was swimming for quite awhile!

While at the lake, we also celebrated Great Grandma Clark's 80th birthday. Below is Hannah with some of her cousins!

Finally...biking. Nate found a good deal on a bike trailer which we have been getting good use out of. We are enjoying taking some family bike rides together.

Enjoy the sun and have a great week!

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Casie said...

That little belly is OH SO CUTE!!!