Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's no fun being sick!

Our first post of the new year comes after a different kind of week for us. Sweet Hannah came down with a fever bug for about 4 days this week. She had very little energy and we saw very few smiles. It was sad. This was the first time she had really been sick. She spent a lot of time being held and reading books. Finally her fever left but then the next morning she woke up to a red splotchy rash all over her face, neck, stomach, and back. It fades and darkens off and on throughout the day. The above pictures are of her feeling much better from her fever being gone. The picture below is her with the rash. She still managed to give us a smile for the picture. (By the way, she is not contagious with the rash for those of you who have been around her.) It is hard as a parent to see your baby sick, so we are very thankful she is doing better.

Here is Hannah working on standing. She loves to stand with just a little help.

Yep, that would be Maya jumping OVER Hannah. I am not sure how Nate got that on camera, but he did. Hannah loves when Maya is around...
...and loves laying on Maya. She was having the best time with this.
Something new Hannah has started doing is drinking from her sippy cup and feeding herself snacks. She loves water and tried juice for the first time this weekend. She can also pick up crackers, puffs, and tiny pieces of toast and put them in her mouth. If she can get her hands on paper, she would probably prefer to eat that, but puffs are her favorite snack for now. I can't believe how much she can do on her own now. She is growing up so much.
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Jessica Fuller said...

Good old Roseloa, huh? I've always said that I'll take the illnesses with fevers over the illnesses with the pukes anyday. ;)
So glad she's feeling better!

Stacey said...

I love that photo of her lying on Maya! So relaxed and comfy!

LissaNaylor said...

Sorry to hear Hannah was sick- both of mine have had ear infections and Matthew is on his second round of them. It is NO fun for either parent or baby that's for sure! Glad she is feeling better and hope you are getting some sleep now! :)