Friday, January 22, 2010

Already 9 months!

Hannah is 9 months today! She has changed so much in the last 8 months. My sister and brother in law have a new precious baby boy (which makes the 3rd new niece or nephew in the past 5 months) and being around newborns reminds me how each stage is great and amazing. I get sad about Hannah not being a tiny baby but excited as she learns new things all the time. It is a strange mix of emotions. Regardless of the age or stage, I love our Hannah like crazy and she makes each day wonderful. Just look at that adorable smile. I can hardly stand how cute she is, but of course I'm biased :)

I am planning on printing this blog at the end of Hannah's first year, so I am going to start writing more stories and cute things she does for memory sake. Beware of lots of writing!!!

A few new cute things Hannah is doing lately...

** She is trying to wave hi. The other day I was rocking her to sleep for a nap and she was waving to me as she drifted off. We also have a video monitor and the other day Nate and I were watching her in it before we went to get her in the morning and she was waving to the camera. So sweet.

** She is learning to make her way around the floor in a slithering fashion! She pushes with her feet, raises her butt in the air, and REACHES as far as she possibly can to get things. She also is attempting to pull up onto things. To her it is very humorous and brings lots of giggles.

** My personal favorite...she is reaching out to us when she wants picked up. I have been trying to get her to put her hands out for us to pick her up for quite awhile, and she finally started doing it! It is such a sweet feeling to know she wants you :)

And now, a few pictures...

She likes reading TIME magazine...oh I mean she likes to RIP UP TIME magazine :)

This girl loves loves loves to eat. Like I said in a previous post, she will sit and pick up snacks or toast for a long long time. She seems to not know the feeling of full! Her cute belly shows it!

Welcoming Daddy home from work and getting a lick from Maya.

Here is Hannah's new cousin Josiah!
Hannah and Josiah together. He is super cute and tiny.
Below is all three Ringger Grandbabies...Hannah, Josiah, and Jed! We had quite the time getting a good picture of these three. Jed was running all over and Hannah was more interested in a strap on the bouncer! Josiah was perfectly still :)
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SECPumpkin said...

you have some cute kiddos in your family. I love how you've put each month's picture on the side like that! She is growing soo fast!