Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I love Christmas and all the decorating, shopping, and celebrating that comes with it. It has been fun to see what Hannah thinks of it all. I think she mainly just wants to put everything in her mouth, including the ornaments, tree, and her stocking! The top picture is a new outfit from my parents for Christmas. The red boots are from my sister Allison. She looks so wintery and festive. I can't get enough of her smile! The above picture was taken when we were picking out our Christmas tree. It is always such a fun experience. We got a bigger tree than our tree stand can hold though, so it has fallen down a couple of times. We now have 4 magazines underneath the tree skirt to keep it balanced!!!

Our local library had a visit from Santa so we took her to get a pic with him. Hannah did pretty well on his lap for about 10 seconds and then it turned into crying.

Hannah's first ornament...a cutesy "H"! Thankfully Hannah isn't crawling yet so she can't get to the tree unless we put her right by it. I have a feeling she would be pulling it over if she could get there. This girl hates to be on her belly. She will roll right to her back as soon as we put her on her belly. She is doing such a great job sitting up and reaching though :)
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Elaine said...

She's so cute!!! Last year we could only decorate the top 1/2 of our tree b/c Gretchen was crawling; it looked pretty pathetic!

allisondavis said...

I love her boots on her!! I'm som excited!

Elizabeth said...

So cute! I think Hannah will have a wonderful first Christmas!