Sunday, September 13, 2009

Overdue 4 month pictures

Since Hannah is almost 5 months old, I thought I should probably get her 4 month pictures with Maya on here! Hannah just start noticing Maya for the first time the last week or so. She actually is noticing a lot and wants to touch and grab for it ALL! I just love seeing her look at Maya and attempt to pet her. Thankfully, Maya just lets her do it without any problems. Another thing Hannah is trying to grab is her toes!! She just discovered them as well.
We are also finding that our little Hannah is very particular on certain things, like how she goes to sleep. She is sleeping great, usually at least 9 hours a night and takes great naps during
the day, but she likes to be bounced and wants her little blankie or doll up by her face when she is falling asleep. It is pretty cute. Below you will see her with her doll and her bouncing with the Clark grandparents on the big ball! Oh what we do for our baby!

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