Monday, March 9, 2009

Preparing for Baby

We are heading towards 34 weeks this Friday, so our time with our baby girl is coming soon! We can't wait! We have made some strides in our preparation for the baby the past week or so. On Saturday we had our first of three "preparation for childbirth" classes at the hospital. We learned more about preterm labor, what to expect when we get to the hospital, and practiced a little breathing...ahh! It is all starting to feel more real! We also worked on baby nursery decor, which I am excited about. Nate and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and bought some wood frames and mirror to hang on the wall that I am going to get a little crafty on. We will see how it turns out. Today I had my latest checkup and everything continues to be going well. Her heartbeat was at 145, seems to be positioned head down, and I am measuring right on track. We also had a "new mom" meeting at the pediatrician office we will be going to. Now we just have to choose one of the doctors for our baby! We also have our next shower this coming weekend, which I can't wait for! It is all so exciting. Check out my 33 week baby bump.


Allison said...

Erica, I just realized when looking at this blog that you got your hair cut! : ) It looks really good and healthy!
I loved seeing the baby's room this weekend - the color is so soft and pretty. Good job, Nate!
Love you!

mols said...

erica! you look so cute :-) i love your new hair cut too!