Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Shower # 2

We will be at 35 weeks on Friday, which is super exciting. Spring break is just around the corner for me as well which makes me very happy. After I get back, we will be counting down the days until baby girl makes her arrival!! The rest should be good for me as well. I have been so busy with report cards, completing case conferences and IEPs, and getting my room organized for my maternity leave that my body is feeling pretty exhausted at night. My feet and ankles are swollen when I get home so that gives me a good excuse to just lay on the couch all evening! This past weekend my wonderful sisters and Mom had a baby shower for me with all of my local friends here in Muncie/Indy area. It of course meant so much to me and everything was fantastic. They had everything decorated so cute, the food was delicious, and we played some fun games to go with the "book theme" they planned. Along with all of the great gifts, everyone brought a children's book in place of a card, so now we have lots of books to read to our little girl. The picture with the teddy bear that says "CoCo" was from my sister dad is calling our little baby CoCo until he finds out her real name when she is born so the bear fit perfectly! My whole pregnancy and getting ready for this baby has brought Nate and I such joy, and the baby showers are just one of those exciting things we have loved. Thank you so much to all of my friends who came and celebrated with us, and a huge thanks to my family for having the shower. I really do have the best sisters and Mom!

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