Monday, December 15, 2008

21 Week Update

We are headed towards 22 weeks on Friday, which is also our last day of school before Christmas break! Nate and I are both very ready...not that we don't love our students, but breaks are always so nice. Our little growing baby seems to be doing well and moving around inside. We had a little bump in the road last week though. I must have come down with the flu and was feeling pretty bad (I am much better now), so my doctor had me come in for some blood tests and an ultrasond to check my cervix. I guess some of my symptoms looked like pre-term labor, so they checked my cervix to make sure it had not changed, which it hadn't! I have never been so happy to be sick. Thankfully it had nothing to do with the pregnancy. We didn't get to see the baby during the ultrasound so that was a little dissapointing. Our ultrasound is a week from tomorrow though, so it is coming soon. We can't wait! Check out my 21 week belly.


Liz Todd said...

Looking like a pregnant girl! Yippeeee!! I'll be watching the blog to find out what flavor of baby! Can't wait!

Team Tonagel said...

Love the belly! Glad to hear that everything is well with the baby. Can't wait to hear if Jeff and Tiff will be having another niece or their first nephew!

Casie said...

You have a picture perfect baby bump! I love looking at your blog pictures!! Today was so fun! I can't wait until the gender post! Love you :)