Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baby Bump??

We have reached the 14 week mark and officially in the 2nd trimester. Nate and I are starting to feel like it is a little more real as my stomach is beginning to barely pop out. You can check out the 2 pictures. Do you see the bump!!!!???? We have read that our baby should now be about 3 inches long, similar to the length of a lemon. I am still feeling pretty tired, but I think that is to be expected for the next several months. My allergies have been acting up quite a bit, and with not being able to take certain medications, it has been uncomfortable at times. I would rather sneeze a million times then put the little baby in danger though, so it is worth it! We have our next appointment on Wednesday, so we are looking forward to that. Hopefully we can hear the heartbeat this time! I will write an update after the appointment. Keep praying for the growing baby!

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Adam and Jenny said...

Hello friend! You look so cute with your very tiny baby bump! :) Praying for you and hoping we can get together sometime soon!