Friday, July 4, 2014

Months of Pics

Here is a ton of random pics from the last 6 months! Life is very full right now and we love it!  We will be adding a 4th to the mix by December so that will make it even crazier around here. Yay!

Hannah wanted to go on a "family run". We didn't make it far :)

Cousin Joey and Hope

Father's Day

Hope 16 months

Grabill General Store

Hope 16 months, Seth 3.5

15 weeks with Baby #4

Hannah 5, Hope 17 months

Hope is not happy!

Hope 16 months

Hannah 5- Frozen is her favorite movie

Hope is such a crazy climber

Seth with cousins Josh and Caleb

Seth 3.5...loves ALL sports!

Aunt Lindsey is getting married and Hannah is going to be a flower girl!!

Celebrating my parents anniversary

Hannah graduating preschool

Hannah and Seth took a "tumbling" class. This is their recital

Seth's first golfing outing on a real course!

All the Clarks

Mother's DAy

Easter- Hannah and her friend Claire




Hope sleeping

Hope seriously loves dog food. She shovels it in when she sees me coming!

Mother Son "Date Knight" at Chick Fila

tumbling class

BSU sports

Drawing pictures of each other

Daddy Daughter Princess Dance

Theater with Grandma

Hannah and Seth love spinning Hope on this chair

Seth cut his own hair

Attempting to be Handy Manny

Celebrating the finish of a 1000 piece puzzle (with lots of help from Nate!)

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