Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Celebrating 10 Years in Jamaica

 Nate and I were blessed to go on the most wonderful trip (just the two of us!!!) to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!!!! We went to Jamaica and loved it so much.  Perfect weather (mid 80s, warm from sunrise to sunset), beautiful scenery, great resort, great food, fun and relaxation. Our parents were gracious enough to watch the kids while we had some days to relax and be together.  We feel so thankful and blessed to have our little family and each other...we really do love the life we have made together these last 10 years.  A few pics from our trip...

Sailboat ride

Lots of reading on the beach


We got up early to see the sunrise.  Read Psalm 80:19 as we watched it rise...Restore us Lord God Almighty; make your face shine on us, that we may be saved!

Our one excursion...ziplining through the Jamaican forest! Great thrills and views!!

Nate learned how to windsurf

Snorkeled a couple times until we almost ran into two jellyfish!!!!ah!

Wonderful dinners together

Open air restaurants :)

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Played a game every night :)

 And at home were these precious ones having a great time with Grandparents!! Above are their drawings of Jamaica.  It was the first thing they wanted to show us when we got back!
Makes my heart happy!
 Sweet reunion with these three.  It was great to hold them, kiss them, hear their voices and giggles. Love them so much! 

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