Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hope's First Birthday

 Our little Hope girl turned 1!!! Wow, a year goes by fast.  I'll never forget holding our sweet newborn baby in the hospital while watching the Super Bowl!! And now she is walking everywhere, climbing stairs, saying Mama, Dada, More, Hi,  feeding herself meatballs, chili, crackers, sweet potatoes, yogurt melts,  and bananas (her favorite foods), and just making us smile every day.  She is such a sweet little girl, but also such a go-getter.  She has to keep up with the big kids and is very determined when she wants something!  She just takes everything in with stride and hardly ever cries.   She has been the best addition to our family.  We love you Hope Ann!!

Below are a bunch of pics from her birthday.  Above and below is our morning birthday song and balloon in her crib!

 Eating a cupcake on her actual birthday.  She wasn't too thrilled with it.  Hannah & Seth ate most of it.
 Opening the new toy Hannah and Seth picked out for her.  She really does like this new little music box!

And her "Hearts" Birthday Party!  The older two helped me make lots of heart decorations to hang everywhere.  They were more excited about her party then she was :)

Beautiful Hope
Heart Cake

With Both Grandmas

Messy face
 Cupcake time...she liked this strawberry flavor better!
All the cousins helping her out

Birthday girl with Mommy and Daddy

Family pic

Hope with some of her Aunties

Seeing how many cousins can fit in Hope's new swimming pool!

All the cousins (minus Sam!)

Grandparent pic with all the girl cousins.  They all got the pink and red memo :)
 What a difference a year makes... awwwww!

My favorite scripture to pray for Hope each night!

And a little video of Hopey when she just started walking (around 11 months)!!

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