Friday, January 10, 2014

Seth Turns 3!

 Our big boy turned 3 in December! There are so many wonderful things about Seth...he makes us laugh every single day, he is very unselfish,  he's almost always in a good mood, he loves playing rough, he has a sweet heart and a smart brain!  We are so proud of him!  We had fun celebrating his birthday. 

Day started off with presents at home before Nate went to school! He got some new tools!!

 Hannah picked out a spiderman toy!

 Next, our tradition to get pancakes with Grandma on birthdays!  Cousin Josh joined us (per Seth's request) for the day too so that was extra special for Seth's birthday!

 Seth also requested we go to Chuck E Cheese!!! It was a lot of fun!

Finally, we had a joint CARS birthday party with cousin Caleb.  They are almost exactly a year apart.  

Birthday Boys: Seth and Caleb

He really wanted to lick the "fire stick"!

All the cousins at the party

Sweet Hope at the party
Birthday boy with one of his new presents...batman hat!

 3 yr old pics above and handsome.  WE love you SETH!!!

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Elizabeth said...

So cute! Can't believe he's 3!