Monday, September 10, 2012


 What we have been up to...

PAINTING-  Hannah is really into painting and covering her whole page.  Seth wants to paint a little here and there, some on the wall, some on the table, some on the paper and then try and drink the paint water :) 

HOUSE UPDATES:  Nate's Dad came and donated his old shed to us and help Nate put it up in our yard.  Hannah and Seth had fun helping!

VISITING GREAT-GRANDPARENTS:   Over the summer we went with my Mom to visit our grandparents in Illinois.  We had a lot of fun with Grandpa Ray, Grandma Na,  and Great Grandpa and Grandma Witzig.
Hannah and Grandma Na

Seth and Grandpa Ray

Night time books with Grandma

With Grandpa Ray and Grandma Na

Taking a walk with Great Grandma Witzig

With Great Grandpa and Grandma Witzig and Grandma

I haven't done a list of new things the kids like, are doing, make us laugh, etc. for quite awhile.  For memory sake, here it goes...


-Such a big 3 year old.  She always talks about going to "school", often telling people she goes to school at Yorktown.  We have been doing some "school" at home.  Her attention span has really gotten better just in a few months.  She is learning to write her name and use scissors!
- She loves talking on the phone and can carry on a really good conversation
- Loves princesses
- Very motherly to Seth  (and to her baby dolls)
- Loves to dance and do "gymnastic" routines in our living room daily
-  Still says the following words/phrases wrong. I'll be sad when she figures them out:  hop-i-sol = hospital,  ban-ban = bandaid,  I mam= I am
- Instead of saying yesterday or last week,  she always says "last year" when she refers to something that happened in the past
- Has suggested the following names for the baby...Mickey if it is a girl, Mickey Mouse if a boy :)
- When we put her to bed and walk out the door, she almost always asks for just one more hug!
- Loves the movie Toy Story
- Figured out how to ride her bike and now she is a pro!  She really really loves riding it and asks to ride every day.  I love seeing her cute blonde curls hanging out the back of her helmet!
- She is making up games often, like one called "Nemo-Memo".  I don't understand it, but we have played it multiple times :) She does like to play board games now which is fun.
- She likes to ask Nate about his day when he gets home from school and what his students learned.
- Very expressive and super sweet :)

Backyard swing!
Still loves "pinky" blanket and "bobby"

First real bike ride with Daddy!

Riding her bike

Dancing with cousins


- 1 1/2, understands everything you say and is talking more and more all the time!
- He loves to sing.  His favorite songs are ABC and Twinkle Twinkle.
- He loves Elmo, Cookie Monster, Winnie the Pooh, and Dora.
-  When he sings Winnie the Pooh song, he says, "uh, uh Pooh"
- Answers a questions with a "yep" or "nope" 
- Although he is all boy, loves balls, throws everything, climbs and jumps off anything, plays with cars, he still likes to play baby dolls with Hannah!
- Likes to cuddle at night and give very slobbery kisses.
- Learning how to act when he doesn't get his way, like not to hit, bite, throw himself on the floor. You get the picture.  He does say sorry easily and always gives a hug and kiss :)
- Mimicks everything Hannah does
- Loves to do somersaults. He stops and does them randomly all over.
- Loves to read. His favorite books are anything animal related,  Elmo Search and Find book that he has memorized, and a Richard Scarry word/picture book.
- Goofball, he loves to try and make people laugh
- Dinner time is interesting when it comes to staying in his seat. He would rather stand up and dance a little, come get a a huge bite of food, run around a little more, stuff more food in his mouth, and so on. 
- Super messy and slobbery.  He is used to having a wet shirt :)
- Not much phases him when it comes to getting hurt. He just gets back up and keeps moving!
- He is very helpful and thoughtful. I love when he brings me things and says "Go, Mom" (Here you go Mom).
- Very friendly, says hi to everyone.  Such a great kid :) 

Dangerous game of his

Likes doing puzzles

Often planks like this on the couch/table

Looking cute with a hat on

How can you not smile when you see his sweet face! 
BABY #3:
Not much to report...17 weeks along.  I started feeling the  baby flutter and kick at about week 16 so that has been really really exciting for me.  I love it.  Belly is growing!  Ultrasound is next month!

Have a great week :)

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