Friday, August 24, 2012

Family Vacation 2012

At Shedd Aquarium
 Although summer is over for us since Nate is back in school, I am still trying to get caught up on pics from our summer vacation.  Nate's cousin got married in Minneapolis, so we made a trip out of it with numerous stops.    We started in Chicago...went to Shedd Aquarium, Giordannos Pizza, Ikea, Willow Creek for a Kari Jobe concert,  explored downtown with the kids.  It was great.  Kids of course loved the aquarium...Nate I spent our day chasing them from one thing to the next.  Seth is never looking for us...he is on the go!  Hannah loved being at her first concert.  She was dancing in the aisles, went right up by the stage, mesmerized by everything. It was really sweet. If you haven't checked out Kari Jobe, highly recommend her.  Great worship music.    Next we headed to Madison Wisconsin and met up with Nate's parents to visit Nate's old stomping grounds (they lived their 5 years when he was little).  Leslie showed us around the city and we all went to the city's FREE zoo.  We heard the lions roaring...that was pretty cool.  We spent the weekend in Minneapolis, exploring downtown and going to the Global City Market where Nate had his first Camel Burger!  He liked it!  We also took the kids to the Mall of America. OUr kids were a little small for the rides, but they loved all the activity and things to look at.  They are both big Dora fans, but when it came for their chance to actually meet Dora in costume, they were terrified!  Hannah did give her a high five, but they were both clinging to us for dear life.  So funny.  At the wedding, Hannah pulled out all the dance moves!  She couldn't take her eyes off "the girl in the white dress"!  Finally, on the way back we stopped in Madison again and went to a childrens museum there to break up the trip.  The kids did wonderful and we had so much fun together. Check out all the pics below. 

Dora in 4-D at Shedd Aquarium

Seth kept going back to give this penguin a hug over and over!

Hannah dressed as a penguin!

In Chicago

"The Bean" in downtown Chicago
 Madison, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota...
With Nate's parents

The restaurant had a carousel outside!

Seeing the lion close up at the zoo

Hannah high-fiving the gorilla

Papa Jack and Seth saying hi to the gorilla

Family pic at the zoo
Hannah dancing with Maggie and the bride Kelly

Look at Hannah's little face adoring the bride!
Being silly in the photo booth at the wedding!
Have a great weekend!

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