Friday, April 6, 2012

Playing Outside

 We have been trying to play outside as much as possible with the nice spring weather!  We were able to acquire the swingset above (free!!!...thank you neighbors) and the kids have been loving it!
 Hannah and Seth have gotten pretty quick at going up and down the stairs to the slide.  The first day Seth fell off the top of the slide though, ah, so we have to keep a close eye on him and an arm guard out!  Of course, the fall didn't seem to phase him though.  He has the highest pain tolerance! 

 Spotting a butterfly in the grass...

 It is hard to tell in this picture, but Seth loves to shove his face up on the screen.  Hannah thinks it is hilarious. 
 We went to a local cultural center and played. 

Looking at the fish in the pond

 Running around the flower gardens...

 Seth LOVES drinking water in the bath and at the watertable.  About all he wants to do is splash and drink...
 It was a beautiful morning and Hannah asked to eat breakfast outside! Of course I said yes!

A few updates on the kids...

- She has been saying so many funny things. I love my conversations with her. Some examples...
          - When she was getting upset she stopped and said "Let me take a breath"!  (HA!)
         -  One day she let us know she was a queen, I was a princess, Seth was the king, and Nate was a superhero!
          - When I give her choices of clothes to wear, she always determines her choice by the following "This looks like Cinderella" (or some other princess).
          - When driving she wants to know " Whats that building?"
          -  If she thinks we are upset with her, she says "Are you happy or sad?" And proceeds to say "I'm happy"
          -  She has given Seth a nickname...Sethy.  Not sure how we feel about it.
         -  She often asks  "Real or pretend?"
         - She had been asking us where Jesus was, so I told her he was in our hearts.  The next day Seth shoved her in her chest.  Hannah stopped, pointed at her chest, and with all seriousness said to him "Seth, you can't push me there. Jesus is in my heart!"
         - The other morning she was in bed with me, looked over, and said "Sometimes I am tired and I just need a hug" :)

-  Likes to share his food with you
-  Loves to use a spoon or fork.  He can't really use one yet, but he wants to hold onto it!
-  He is still a great eater!  He loves pizza, crackers, yogurt,  fruit, eggs, pasta with sauce, cereal in could go on and on
- Follows simple commands.
-  Still loves loves loves balls
- Can blow bubbles
- Quite the drooler
-  Loves to wash his hands in the sink
-  New words..."Didi"= Hannah,  cracker, sucker, bubbles, water, stickers, baba=paci, up
- He has the one arm run down really well. He is speedy.
- His favorite books right now...How Big is Baby, Where is My Friend, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Animal Encyclopedia
- Doesn't know what gentle means :)

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Team Tonagel said...

First, your kids are awesome. And you are an awesome mama. Second, Seth is looking more and more like his cuz, Josh! Holy cow!