Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Kids

A few new pics...

Seth loves to drink out of my water bottle! 
Playing "peek a boo" behind the curtain!  He would say it as he came out!

Hannah slept on the floor after she got her baby dolls all tucked in and cozy in HER bed!

Hugs with cousin Josh

The kids waiting for Grandma Ringger to come for a visit!!!

Reading books together

Watercolor painting with Maggie...

Painting our kitchen walls a neutral color with Papa Jack!
A few more things with the kids...

-She is really into "dancing".  She loves going to the Ball State Gymnastic meets and is learning some dance moves from our friend from small group.  We are planning a 3 year old ballerina party :)
- She likes to sing the cleanup song while she picks up toys
- Her new saying... " I tink (think)..."
- She told me she wants to be a mailman when she grows up :)
- We are going to Veggie Tales Live this weekend.  We found out we were going about a month ago, and she has been asking if it is March pretty much every day since then!
- When I put her bed, she always says, "Let's talk".  Usually she wants to talk about what colors of clothes we are all going to wear the next day, ha!
- She is on a good sleeping streak this week (she was getting up to go to the bathroom numerous times in a night), but before we close her door at night, she wants to know exactly where Nate and I will be and what we will be doing!
-She goes to a sitter one day a week, and one day when she came home she started singing "Baby Baby Oh " at dinner!  We couldn't stop laughing when we realized she had picked up some Justin Bieber!  Now Seth is singing that line too!

-15months old
- Loves to climb up on tables and chairs.  He gets so proud of himself.
- He likes to lay on his tummy on the laminate floor and slide himself backwards
- Blows on his food
- Likes coloring, puzzles, and stickers
- He is doing a lot of baby chatter. He did say his first real sentence a couple weeks ago.  While watching Dora, Dora sang "We did it!", and Seth repeated the sentence right back in the same tone!
-  Learning new words all the time. He will try and repeat a lot of things too.  He says many words at times, but I  think these are all the words he says consistently now (maybe only we can understand some of them though, ha!)  : mama, dada, papa, grandma, please, thank you, more, juice, this, ball, baby, book, bubbles, hi, byebye, uh-oh, baba (blankie), lots of animals noises

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JeffandTiffanyClark said...

Can't wait to see everyone this weekend! Adorable kiddos as usual! Love the one about Seth sliding backwards on the floor. haha And Josh has started asking "What's mommy gonna do?" after we tell him goodnight. Funny stuff! Love you all!!!