Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our First Week as a Family of 4!!!

I could not be happier to now be a mom of 2 sweet little ones.  Nate and I  feel truly blessed.  We have fallen in love with Seth, our precious new baby and my heart is constantly being melted by Hannah's sweetness with her brother and how she loves to be "mommy" to her babydolls.  Seth has been such a good baby...he cries when he is hungry and when his diaper is being changed and that's about all.  It is so cute because almost always, as soon as you button his little clothes back up after a diaper change, he stops crying and just lays there alert and happy. He is such a handsome little guy...his little skinny legs and cute little face make me smile.  Hannah has been making us smile a lot lately too with all the talking she is doing.  Not just her hilarious babbling, but real words and sentences.  Her latest sayings..."Baby cries", "No way", "Where _______ go? "...and some new words like "juice", "cereal", "socks", "hello", "Christmas tree", "holy, holy, holy",  and "Seth" (sounds like "peth" )!!!

And now a lot of pictures...

Leaving the hospital

Papa and Grandma Ringger with Seth

Hannah wanted to try out the carseat too...

meeting Maya

Hannah spends a lot of time just leaning over and saying hi to Seth

Hannah's babydolls are spending a lot of time in the bouncer and swing

Hannah and Seth with Maggie (Grandma Clark)

Hannah holding Seth for the first time


chavarria family blog said...

Im so in love with Hannah!! totally reminds me of her and Max 19 1/2 months ago. man where did that time go!! Congrats on our new little man he is adorable!! So happy for you guys. Welcome to being a family of four!!!

God Bless

Ps;not sure if i ever gave you our family blog

Stacey said...

I love the photo of Hannah trying to give Seth a bottle! Her expression, him on his belly - so cute!

Elizabeth said...

Seth is such a cutie! Thanks for the pics!