Sunday, September 5, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

As the title says, our lives have become much busier the last few weeks since school has started back up.  Hannah is also a very busy little girl, going from one thing to the next.  She has a lot of energy and continues to be such a delight.  We are adjusting back to Nate and I both working (me only until the end of Thanksgiving when Baby Boy arrives)!  Thankfully Hannah is doing great with the changes...she is loving her Mondays with Grandma and making new friends at daycare the rest of the week.  I miss my days with her terribly, but we take advantage of the time we have with her in the evenings and weekend. She is our biggest joy!!!  Here are some things she has been up to...

Making cookies with Maggie (Grandma Clark) and cousins Emery and Elena...

She loves electronics...
She has figured out how to plug in her mp3 player in her room
Hannah on her first day of daycare!  She is doing great at Michelle's house.  We hear she is the "garbage disposal" because she loves to eat all of the leftovers.  She has a big appetite!

She tries to sneak off and play in the toilet...this time it didn't turn out so well! 

She loves to help clean... below she is helping sweep!

She love to play outside.  She is learning to use sidewalk chalk.  She also likes to color with crayons, but we have had to clean some off the walls recently!! 

Always saying "hi" and "bye bye" to people!  Some of her most recent words she has added to her vocabulary...  whoa ,  ball,  please, paci.  She will repeat (or attempt) to say a lot of words we say or ask her to say.  Her little language is coming along well! 

Finally, some recent pics of at the park...

A few more random thoughts about Hannah...

- She now has 13 teeth
-  She loves to throw things  
- She loves to walk and run everywhere (as well as twirling and walking backwards)
-  One of her favorite things to do is give Maya treats
-  She loves to carry around her shoes
-  She can't actually whistle, but she will do a high pitch whistling sound if someone else is whistling to make it sound like she is also whistling...pretty funny
- She is very into Elmo and Sesame Street.  She loves the opening song and Elmo's World song
-  Her favorite snacks right now are  vanilla goldfish, cherry tomatoes, and peanut butter crackers

Have a great week! 

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