Saturday, July 31, 2010

Remember when Hannah...

Hannah is always doing so many things I don't want to forget.  I love this picture of her at 14 months...she is so expressive and such a blessing!  A lot of pictures below...
Hannah is only allowed to have her pacifiers in her crib when she sleeps.  We have a bunch of them in there that she likes to play with.  We almost always find her with a few in her hands and one in her mouth.  She has learned to throw them into her crib when it is time to get out, but we had caught her multiple times attempting to wrap 1 or 2 up in her blanket for later play.  Pretty smart, huh! 
She will actually scribble with her crayons now instead of just wanting to eat them!
She loves walking around on our deck while playing with the bubble wand, throwing around her balls, or saying "hi" to the neighbors and "woofing" at their dog!  She will say "hi" to people over and over.  She also loves to say "bye bye", but usually it is delayed and she says it after the person has left. It cracks us up. 
Hannah has not been much of a climber, but she has figured out how to climb up onto her little chair by herself.  Here she is reading her favorite kind of books...touch and feel. 
She likes to carry around her blankie (as well as this new pink one) up on her shoulder.  That poor white blankie is getting very ragged, but she loves it!!
Nate taught Hannah to throw her toys into the tub before she gets in the bath.  It is a cute little thing they do together. 
Throwing them in!
Trying to blow bubbles in the bathtub.  She usually ends up drinking the water, but she is trying!
Hannah is often very deliberate in what she is doing.  One time when we were up at the lake, she spent about 20 minutes straight carrying puzzle pieces from the floor into Maya's crate, making sure the crate door was completely shut after each piece was placed inside.  It was so cute. 
Placing the puzzle piece in the crate! 
Playing in the river water after a walk...

She is not afraid to get her hands dirty!  She really likes splashing in water, even puddles. 
We went to our local walking path through the city.  We thought we would let her walk for a few minutes and then put her in the stroller the rest of the time. She ended up wanting to walk for about 1/2 a mile.  She was so hot but she was LOVING it.  Walking is probably one of her favorite things to do. 
We spent a day up at Nate's family lake cottage.  She loves being up there.  Here she is getting a bath in the little tub with Grandma Clark...aka Maggie! 

She also got to swing with Maggie (Grandma) after she swam with Papa Jack in the lake! 

Here she is blowing is a very sweet little thing she does. Finally, a few more random things she likes right now...  She LOVES blueberries!!!  Her favorite song to sing together is the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  She tries to do the hand motions and has a sweet little singing voice.  She still loves holding things in her hands.  When going to church the other week, she had a golf ball and her snack cup in the car on the way, and was still holding those two things when I picked her up from the nursery.  She never let them go for about 2 hours!!!  Also, her latest words she says...yeah,  princess, basketball, shoe.  We love this girl!!!

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