Tuesday, August 25, 2009

dresses, dedication, and a new trick

We have had a great couple of weeks with Hannah. She is now 4 months old and really growing up. Nate and I keep saying to each other that she just seems so big to us and so much older all of a sudden. She is now squealing, giggling, pushing up on her legs when you are holding her, rolling over, grabbing onto things, shaking rattles like crazy, and hugging her doll close to her face when she takes her naps. I could go on and on...I just love this girl! One of my best friends from college got married recently, so we had to have a fashion show to decide on the dress she was going to wear! I am still waiting on the pictures from the wedding from my mom's camera, so for now you get pictures of all the choices. Stay tuned for the actual wedding pics! One of the most important things we have done recently is have Hannah dedicated at our church. We had her dedicated on Aug. 16, which is exactly a year from the day we took that first pregnancy test and found out she would be making us a family of 3! Our family came to support us which we really appreciated. Hannah did great the whole day, but was wiped out by the end. Pictures are below! Also, Nate and I recently invested in a camcorder because Hannah was just doing too many cute things that we didn't want to forget about!!! One is of her rolling over, which she is doing a lot of these days! The video below is of her doing her new trick!Dress #1
Dress #2
Dress #3
Dress #4
Nate and I's parents with us on Hannah's dedication day!
Hannah sleeping on Nate after her dedication!
The dedication!

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