Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random New Pics- 3months

Usually Hannah will not listen to a book for more than 30 seconds, but for some reason she was really into Brown Bear Brown Bear on this day! She looked at the whole book! It was so sweet.
Tummy time...she doesn't love it, but definitely getting better at it! Notice the drool dripping from her chin. We get a lot of that these days!
1st time in the Bumbo cute! I think she enjoyed looking all around in it. Thanks to Casie and Adam for letting us borrow it.
Me trying to help her enjoy tummy time a little more! She is too cute in her pjs!
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Team Tonagel said...

I love that picture of her listening to you read the book... that is precious! It was so nice seeing you last weekend. Hope to see Hannah again (and you too, of course) before too long. Have a good week!