Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8 weeks old

Hannah Joy will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. Our little girl is becoming so interactive and just so much fun. She is making lots of noise, giving us many smiles, and also many poopy diapers to change! She went about 5 days without pooping so when she did finally go she went like crazy and has ever since! Hannah is also giving us more sleep...she has gone 6-7 hours straight the past couple of nights, so we are hoping that keeps up! Nate and I spent a couple of days up in Leo with Nate's parents the other week. Leslie was kind enough to buy Hannah her little activity mat/gym, which she has loved. She will lay underneath that thing and play for 45 minutes to an hour at a time. She is mesmerized by everything. The one picture is of her playing with it with Papa Jack! Below is a video of her playing this morning!
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SECPumpkin said...

Erica, She is soo beautiful. I love checking up on you guys with this blog...thanks for keeping up with it. I know it has to be hard with a new baby. Hey, what kind of dog do you guys have...it's a cutie too...ofcourse not comparible to Hannah's cuteness!