Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

Nate and I had a great Valentine's Day weekend.
We have a tradition of ordering a pizza from Giordano's Chicago restaurant through the mail every Valentine's Day. We look forward to that deep dish cheese! We always enjoy the night at home together now, but next year we may want to get out of the house alone! Another highlight of the weekend was the painting of the nursery. We went with a very soft pink color and it looks great ( good job to Nate). I am so excited about it. Now we can start putting the furniture in the right spots. There is one picture of the crib and the wall, but I will post more pictures of the room as we get things put together. I went to the doctor today and everything is great! We feel very fortunate that the pregnancy has been so smooth thus far. The picture of my belly is from last week at 30 weeks.

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mols said...

yum! that pizza looks so good. that is a fun tradition. you look so cute! i wish i could touch your belly :-)