Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sweet 16

We have made it to the 16th week of my pregnancy! I really just love being pregnant. It is strange to see the weird things going on with my body at times, but it is all so exciting. The past week or so I have been feeling a lot of pulling and stretching around my stomach as it continues to pop out. The baby is growing and so is my belly, which is a fun feeling! Supposedly the baby is about 4 1/2-5 inches long now, about the size of an avocado or a tube of mascara. I am still feeling really good and feel like my energy is coming back. Hormones and change of weather are also making my skin super itchy. I need to work on self-control to not scratch my skin off or give myself bruises (which I have been doing). I have also had some recent pregnancy cravings. Thankfully they are healthy choices...tomato soup and cottage cheese with pineapple. I look forward to having my cottage cheese every day when I come home from school! Speaking of school, I told my students that I was pregnant this week. After I told them, I asked them if anyone had noticed my stomach getting bigger. One of my students replied "I just told my friend yesterday that my teacher was getting fat! I didn't want to hurt your feelings!" I thought it was hilarious. We also celebrated Nate's 28th birthday yesterday. What a great dad he is going to be!!! Keep praying for us and the baby!

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Liz Todd said...

There should be no questions about the "bump" now! Enjoy your cravings! :)